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  • The Steamer Atlantic, Premiered at Lighthouse Festival, Ontario
  • Wildcat, Premiered at Western Canada Theatre/Gateway Theatre, BC
  • Gold Mountain Guest, premiered at The Arts Club Theatre, BC
  • Running Dog, Paper Tiger, Premiered at The Gateway Theatre, BC
  • A Nightingale Sang, Premiered at Collective Arts Productions, Ontario
  • A Song for Harmonica - with Patrice Michaels, Premiered at the Banff Centre
  • Ants, adapted from Tragore's short story, Premiered at the Tragore Festival, BC
  • The Arabian Nights, Premiered at Youtheatre, Quebec
  • The Giveaways, Premiered at The Theatre School, Ontario
  • Max and Me, Premiered Gateway Theatre, BC
  • Rice Rockets and Yacht People, Premiered at Gateway Theatre, BC
  • Sisters, Premiered at Gateway Theatre, BC.
  • Harmonica's Christmas Errand, CBC National A.M. Morningside Drama
  • Muddy York Murders, CBC National A.M Morningside Drama
  • Over a Barrel, CBC National A.M. Sunday Matinee, & F.M. Stereo Theatre
  • Beat the Street, CBC National A.M. Morningside Drama